System in Package

System in Package

Low power tiny Wi-Fi module will provide a wireless interface to any equipment with a UART interface for data transfer.  This kind of module provides different variants and physical type for detailed application, like connector and ANT option.


  • Support IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standards

  • Ultra-Low-Power for Battery Applications with Excellent Power Save Scheme

  • Based on Self-developed High Cost Effective MCU

  • Support UART/GPIO etc. Data Communication Interface

  • Support Smart Link Function (APP program provided)

  • Support Wireless and Remote Firmware Upgrade Function

  • SDK Provided and Support Secondary Development² Smallest Size:SIP:6mm x 6mm x 0.75mm, MC510:6mm×6mm BGA

  • FCC/CE Certificated

  • Sizing Table

    Name HF-MC510  >> HF-SIP120  >>
    Image HF-MC510 HF-SIP120
    Production Data 2019/Q2 2016/Q4
    Key Feature Low Power SDK Support SmartLinkV8 Config,SmartAPLink Config Airkiss 2.0,Wechat Config Small Size Lowest Price Zero External Low Power SDK Support SmartLink Config Small Size Lowest Price Zero External
    Processor ARM Cortex M4F ARM7
    Basic Frequency 160MHz 96MHz
    Operating System FreeRTOS Contiki
    Wi-Fi Standard 802.11bgn 802.11bgn
    Temp. Range -40~+85 -20~+85
    Size (mm) 6mm x 6mm x 0.75mm 6mm×6mm BGA package
    Package Type QFN48 BGA package
    Work Voltage 2.5~3.6V 2.95~3.6V
    Current @No data ~10mA ~30mA
    Current @Tx Peak ~260mA ~280mA
    Resource-Flash 2MB External
    Resource-RAM 256KB
    AP Mode
    STA Mode
    OTA Upgrade
    Smart Configure SmartLink V7.X APP
    Airkiss Configure
    SDK Support
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